Bishop Gore School

Virtue and Good Literature

It is with great pleasure that I write this introduction to the Bishop Gore Comprehensive School. The school's long, rich and successful history makes an immediate impact. Founded in 1682, it is a school of great tradition but which is nevertheless dynamic and forward looking. The buildings in the main block were opened in 1952 with a large extension block added in the 1970's. Recent developments include a modern multimedia Learning Resource Centre and five advanced Information Technology suites. Further development was ensured through a successful bid in 1994 for funding under the Welsh Office Technology Schools Initiative. The 250,000 obtained enabled the re-design and refurbishment of the Technology area to provide a modern and 'state of the art' teaching facility. During the last year the school has invested in the improvement of Information Communication Technology (ICT) resources. We have also installed an ICT based individualised learning programme called 'Successmaker' to assist with the development and consolidation of key skills across the school. We aim to create an environment which will enable our pupils to develop their capabilities to the full, so that they may accept the challenge of living in the rapidly changing society looking towards a new century. In developing that individual potential we endeavour to give proper regard to a broad range of human activity and development alongside academic success. Teachers set and expect high standards from their pupils because they have high expectations of themselves. In setting and demanding high standards in all aspects of school life, we actively seek the support of parents. A healthy school is one in which governors, parents, teachers, pupils and the community at large work together towards common goals. The school's past and present successes provide a valuable context in which to begin to form judgements. However, we realise that as a parent you will judge the school through your child's eyes. We recognise that each pupil is special, with a unique set of talents which need to be identified and nurtured. The school aims to create a warm, secure and happy environment which provides support and motivation so that each pupil feels a valued member of school and experiences success at the highest possible level. Bishop Gore School is committed to continuous improvement for the benefit of its pupils, who deserve excellence in all aspects of school life. The school was inspected in March 1998 and the inspectors, in their main findings, state "Bishop Gore is a school with many good features in the quality of provision and standards achieved by pupils." I look forward to welcoming you and your family as members of the school community Yours sincerely, Mr. P. V. Wilcox